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Apostille Attested Translation

In general, for any official document or paperwork that will be moved abroad, apostille-certified translation is necessary. In this regard, for applications to any institution abroad for education or work, the diploma must be translated by a sworn translation office with apostille certification service provided and the validity of the...

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Consecutive-Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation, which is usually performed by professional interpreters in the desired language in parallel with the speaker at all kinds of conferences, seminars, symposiums, congresses and similar events where foreign speakers are present, is called simultaneous interpretation today in international settings. You can generally benefit from simultaneous interpretation services...

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Literary Artistic Translation

The translation of literary texts that have been established throughout our history is of great importance. Literary texts should be translated very carefully and meticulously, and the necessary care should be taken. Accordingly, these processes must be translated by expert translators. Ziya Translation literary translation office provides professional translation service...

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Legal Translation

Legal translation is generally one of the most preferred translation fields in the language services industry. Ziya Legal Translation Office, which has developed high-quality legal translation services with its 7/24 service system at affordable costs, offers trusted and quality legal translation services to its clients with its legal translator team...

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Catalogue Flyer Translation

Translation service is an important concept both in daily life and in commercial activities. Strong communication is necessary to carry out national and international relations. The easiest way to provide this is through translation services. Not everyone can know every language of every country, but with translation services, one can...

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Passport Translation

Passports are the most important document when it comes to entering and exiting a country. Legal procedures require an up-to-date passport with necessary processes completed. When traveling to different countries for various purposes, passports are often required for entry. As it is a general document for the international zone, it...

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Official Translation

In our developing and changing world, communication with people and institutions has also changed and developed. Therefore, the language of communication has also changed. Especially in Turkey, the increase in foreign relations started to be seen significantly from the 17th century. Since the 17th century, foreign envoys were hosted in...

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Technical Translation

In today's world, it has become very important to learn the content and usage information and specifications of many different products, starting from new technological products to new machines. In this case, there is a need for technical translation. In addition to expertise, technical knowledge is also required in technical...

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Medical Translation

In general, medical translation is needed to provide access to the studies and works carried out by doctors or scientists specialized in the medical field to people in different countries with different languages, and to contribute to science. Medical translation services require not only language proficiency but also subject matter...

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Website Translation

Website translation has become a great convenience that can be obtained remotely. You can access this service from your location and state your needs. The website translation office is a professional institution where you can receive service in any language you desire or in multiple languages. You can receive your complete...

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Notary-Approved Translation

Translation service plays an important role in order to quickly perform necessary works worldwide. Especially, translation is involved in many legal processes at corporate level. Of course, it is of great importance to get support from a notary approved translation office while performing this. Because this way, it is possible...

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Certified Translation

Translation services have become a much-needed service over time. Many people need translation services in all areas of life, regardless of whether it is an academic or ordinary text, and translators are searched and researched to translate into different languages. Ziya Translation is a 39-year-old Istanbul sworn translation office that...

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Ziya Translation provides translation services in many different types for its customers. Ziya Translation, which knows no bounds in its services, offers the following translation services: - Literary translation - Legal translation - Technical translation - Medical translation - Notarized translation - Sworn translation - Written translation...

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Urgent and Fast Translation

Translation work is a matter of experience. Even to be a native speaker in any language, one must be familiar with the language for at least 4 years with increasing proficiency. If possible, one should also visit the country where the language is spoken as a native language. If this...

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Academic Translation

When there is a need for academic translation services in daily life, Ziya Translation provides high-quality and fast service with its 39 years of experience in professional translation. Academic translation services are generally among the services sought by those who prepare a thesis. A person may want to get academic...

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Online Translation

The modern world has become fast-paced and challenging to keep up with due to advancements in technology. Along with the development of technology and communication tools, communication between people speaking different languages has also improved. This has led to a need for a common language for communication, with English being...

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Interpretation Service

Language is not just made up of words, it is also an expression of a culture and society. Language reflects the values, beliefs, and thoughts of a society. Therefore, translating a language in its entirety also requires translating this cultural context. Especially proverbs and idioms are some of the most complex...

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Official Document Authentication

In our interconnected contemporary world, commercial relationships and official procedures have shifted to an international dimension. Therefore, it has become essential to authenticate documents for their validity on the international stage. This is where authentication services come into play. Consular Authentication Service: Why is it Necessary? For the legal recognition of documents...

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Şevket güneş
Şevket güneş a week ago

The translations are quite high quality, they quickly arranged and delivered my English documents. The staff are also very interested.

Taha Yılmaz
Taha Yılmaz a week ago

I have been working with this company for almost 20 years. The company is very corporate and their communication is very strong. Also, their pricing is very affordable compared to other offices around.

Hakan Şahin
Hakan Şahin a week ago

The team is very interested and they help quickly. I was very pleased, I recommend it to everyone.

Tahsin Sezer
Tahsin Sezer 3 months ago

A very interested team, customer satisfaction is always at the forefront, I recommend it

Tülay Borahan Kustanto
Tülay Borahan Kustanto 3 months ago

The translation was done very quickly. I was very pleased.

Asena Ergn
Asena Ergn a year ago

They are very interested and handle operations quickly without delay. A reliable and high-quality company.

Buğra Turna
Buğra Turna a year ago

A fast, high-quality and affordable translation office where I meet all the translation needs of my own office.. There are other services you can benefit from.. I recommend.

Natali Özdemir
Natali Özdemir a year ago

Friendly and professional service, I translated my documents here, I am satisfied in terms of speed and quality

Mahir Dbeys
Mahir Dbeys a year ago

A quality, honest and professional company that does its job well. I recommend. 👍

İsmet Abdulrahman
İsmet Abdulrahman a year ago

The quality of the translation and the behaviors of the personnel are incredibly good, so I will only choose ziya group for translation.

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