Teknik Tercüme

Technical Translation

Knowing a language does not mean you can translate into that language, and that is what we know. Do not forget that “subject matter knowledge” does exist!

The purpose in this field is to translate technical and scientific subjects. Such documents should be translated correctly, briefly and homely, by subject matter experts.

Translations of research, development and invention studies, user manuals, design-technical drawing and formulas, techinal procedure-specification-planning and other technical documents are made by our expert-in-field translators.

  • Info Documents of Every Kind of Device and System
  • User Manuals of Machines and Devices
  • Technical and Commercial Flyers
  • Laboratory and Test Procedure Results
  • Technical Specifications
  • ISO 9000 Agreements and Quality Management
  • License Agreements
  • Communication Technology
  • Technical and Industrial Researches and Reports
  • Automotive, automation, mechatronics, energy
  • Defense Industry